Unique voice Karelia

A unique chance to hear the possessor of a rare beauty soprano Galina Gorchakov kondopozhanam introduced last Thursday. Extraordinarily beautiful, with a well-chosen luxury resin hair, dark eyes shine and royal bearing, charming, feminine - this appeared Gorchakov in the Palace of Arts "Kondopoga". And suddenly resounded velvety deep voice, like a wraparound on all sides, was a continuation of the external beauty diva.

Generous concert, which included Russian classical art songs and arias from famous operas by Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Chi-Lea obeyed in one breath and ended with an encore performed "grace-" composer Isaac Dunayevsky. And after a long time had the feeling of a strange, hypnotic charm, as if cleansing the soul. With reflections on the life-giving power of music and began a conversation with a famous singer ...

- Galina, I was witness to how the April benefit concert for the benefit of the Holy Trinity in Konchezero listeners came to you with words of praise and gratitude, and a young man confessed that your singing that night changed his life, he realized suddenly how and why he continue to live. Is music like this, in an instant, can turn the fate?

- Classical music - perfect, to insist on time - is capable of. That music has a divine origin. Now, if you notice, the real music stopped coming to the people, not composers, marked by God, who would write music because I do not write, they can not. As Tchaikovsky from it closed the piano, and he would wake up at night and "played" without touching the keys. Real music people do not write, it dictated from above. And happy is he who is able to understand, read this divine message.

- You have a few years was on the board of trustees of the Fund Con-chezerskogo Holy Trinity Church. The desire to revive the Orthodox Church - is a secular charity world-famous opera singer or a manifestation of the true faith?

- VIP charity, too, is different: the one that they say, and the one that is silent. I never tried to make a good thing in a PR campaign. Once the general director of advertising agency "Promo" and now also head of the Foundation Trustees Oleg Ivanov brought me to the ruined church Konchezersky and told how his childhood in a pioneer

they played with the boys here ... The idea of restoring the church came by itself. First, I just do not like chaos, and secondly, whether the Russian Orthodox people do otherwise?

- So, not just charity ... It is believed that faith - the gift of God, but he is not given to everyone. You can know a lot, read, listen to it - especially in this age of "virtual religion" when you can ask the priest and sacrifice over the Internet - but did not find their way into the Church. Should something happen? Which way you go to the temple?

- You know, one day I was interviewed, it was a whole TV show, in which I reflected on the theme of faith and unbelief. I looked it - seems to be all right, all right. But when it began to replicate a television interview, he suddenly realized that was a mistake. Faith - it is very intimate, it should not flaunt it, you can not talk about it in public, otherwise something is lost.

- What is your attitude to the beginning of a number of Russian schools in the experiment, and when students are offered a choice of religion or secular ethics? Now even Orthodox express concern, they say, in tsarist Russia taught the Law of God and the revolution, then, however, it happened ...

- But ... I used to think that the study of Orthodox Culture in school is necessary, but now, remembering the experience of teaching the same story in the Soviet school by persistent plantations have doubts. The man himself has to come to God. So whether we are concerned the theory? On the other hand, morality, spirituality must be educated.

- And bring an ear for music can be, because the music is perhaps the highest expression of spirituality?

- Music in harmony with the soul, and if the soul is hard, ill-mannered, it will not vibrate with Melodys highest order. And learn how to understand music is capable of just about every person who has a rare child has absolutely no musical data. Music education should begin at home, in school. In Soviet times, there was a system of theater tickets for students: of course, it was far from ideal, but it worked. Now, it seems, all slated to chance. This has included support early musical development, and higher music education. Once upon a tradition of our school was a matter of national pride, now students of conservatories are what is called a "free flight". All delivered to the economic rails: paid - go to school, did not pay - do not go. In addition, teachers now more often suffer deprivation and humiliation - the material in the first place. And before teachers Conservatory knew by name. Not by accident, the first question asked when meeting with novice musician: "Whose is this student?" And the answer is: "Professors of such and such ..." Then ask this question now, I do not know ...

- And your first teacher?

- My parents. And the theater. My mother always took me with her to rehearsals, I grew up in the theater - not to poison this sweet poison was impossible.

- His first appearance on the stage you remember? The excitement?

- I appeared on the scene as a child, all operas where children were involved, "Eugene Onegin", "Cio-Cio-San", "Boris Godunov" ... No disturbance was not anxious to go out, play a little, without words, but such an important role for me. I remember, I was dressed as a boy: concealing cap sermyak, sandals. During the main act of the opera "grandpa" Spassky Tower showed me, and I had to react. This role was hardly visible to the audience, but for me it was very hard work. No Profession actor, opera singer, in particular, and the profession, it is not considered to be: out, sang, how many work? One trooper asked Chaliapin: "And what are you, sir?" - "Why, brother, sing!" - "I do not mean that. I ask you - what do you work? And you - sing! Sing - we all sing, I also sing, drink and eat sometimes. A or bored and - also zapoesh. I ask - what are you doing? ' Of course, the singers do not have to spend so much time in rehearsal, the dancers, such as the vocal cords just do not survive. But in a two-hour rehearsal I should put everything and vocal technical work and art (character, feelings). This ease, necessary and artist, and the viewer does not come easy. But handsomely rewarded for their efforts - it is given the opportunity to do what he likes.

- Galina, looking at you, dazzlingly beautiful, talented, famous woman, I have to ask: what is the secret of female beauty?

- I have no answer to this question. I can only repeat after the poet: "... What is beauty and why it deify people? Vessel it, which emptiness, or a fire flickering in the bottle?"

- Why do woman created? Her place in the world? Today, perhaps, every man, even of those who, thinking about it, will certainly recall the Scripture, they say, made from the rib of "yes cleave to her husband," ... In a word, the woman plays the role of a slave ...

- In all religions, the woman - a slave: work like a dog, to obey, always take the blame for all the sins - and children and husbands. But religion and truth - is not one. Religion - a kind of set of knowledge, norms, rituals, proposed us people who copied once holy books and could well understand something wrong. If God created man and woman, so he made them equal. They have different roles, but of equal value. For millennia, women try to tear the chain, because the bondage is unnatural, and the traditional role of the man, who is identified with the power to make decisions more leveled. But in general, I think if a man is not worshiping the woman, he is not a man.

- You can formulate the concept of the "perfect man"?

- The image that I drew myself, was always false. I always wrong, so the state will not.

- But you can live and cherish the dream of the ideal ...

- For an ideal very painful. You just need to live, to be loved and desired. I have a motto: If I do not need a man, then he does not need me. Perhaps this phrase from the category of sedatives, but it works very well.

- What about the traditional love-suffering?

- The love that do not accept and love the void does not make sense. Love should be mutual ...

Interviewed Vera Bragin. Photo by Vladimir Yermolin.

newspaper "Vanguard" № 37 2010.