Unique voice Karelia

A unique chance to hear the possessor of a rare beauty soprano Galina Gorchakov kondopozhanam introduced last Thursday. Extraordinarily beautiful, with a well-chosen luxury resin hair, dark eyes shine and royal bearing, charming, feminine - this appeared Gorchakov in the Palace of Arts "Kondopoga". And suddenly resounded velvety deep voice, like a wraparound on all sides, was a continuation of the external beauty diva.

Generous concert, which included Russian classical art songs and arias from famous operas by Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Puccini, Chi-Lea obeyed in one breath and ended with an encore performed "grace-" composer Isaac Dunayevsky. And after a long time had the feeling of a strange, hypnotic charm, as if cleansing the soul. With reflections on the life-giving power of music and began a conversation with a famous singer ...

Interview with Russian soprano Galina Gorchakova

When I first saw Galina Gorchakova entering the Barcelona Hotel in Lisbon, I gave a sigh of relief. There was no capricious diva to be interviewed, just a friendly and smiley woman, casually dressed and carrying several bags, perhaps full of Portuguese souvenirs. "Simple" was a word she frequently used to describe herself and rightly so. She spoke with a wonderful rich voice and an evident Slavic accent. Her words conveyed her strong will and convictions and, above all, a deep love for opera who has been the top priority of her life.

She was always impetuous in her speech, often resorting to expressive gestures in order to get her message across. Gorchakova warned me, from the start, that she would be honest. Some might consider her statements highly controversial, but they were uttered without a hint of bitterness. She was less a vindictive Turandot cutting the heads of Princes because of past injustices and more a misunderstood Tosca trying to find out the reasons behind the current state of her career.

Galina Gorchakova: RUSSIAN SINGERS ABROAD love and fear

The famous singer Galina Gorchakov, recognized by the World Association of opera critics the best sopranos, singing in the famous theaters in Europe - Covent Garden, La Scala Grand Opera, Munich Opera, - gave in Petrozavodsk, the only concert in honor of the 85th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia.

- Galina, you have such a famous name. You are of noble family Gorchakov?
- Yes. We left quite a bit - now Gorchakov in St. Petersburg is not greater than 50. Although I have something come from Novosibirsk. Frankly, I do not know how my ancestors were in Siberia. My grandfather was a very worthy, though modest man. I remember how he restored the old tomes. He had a large table and a huge pair of scissors. He folded and glued tattered sheets of which were obtained over the book. That's probably why I'm with particular trepidation to the literature, I love reading.
- You graduated from the Novosibirsk State Conservatory. But, they say, came back nearly fledged musician.